Our program draws upon the expertise of over 40 full-time faculty and 110 clinical faculty. Our goal is to meet residents’ interests while building their skills through diverse training opportunities. Our faculty provide a balance of training, from basic science to clinical psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, and mindfulness. We actively recruit faculty from the top programs in the nation, including our own. The diversity of our faculty’s experiences, expertise, and interests ensures each resident a solid yet eclectic education.

Joshua P. Babu, MD

Assistant Professor (Clinical Track), Medical Site Lead of Meriter Adult Behavioral Health Services

Vaishali Bakshi, Ph.D.

Associate Professor (Tenure Track)

Christopher Bermant, M.D.

Associate Professor (Clinical Track)

Laurel Bessey, M.D.

Associate Residency Training Director, Assistant Professor (CHS Track)

Joshua Boguch, M.D.

Assistant Professor (Clinical Track)

Lisa Boyle, M.D., M.P.H.

Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship Program Director, Professor (Clinical Track)

Chiara Cirelli, M.D., Ph.D.

Vice Chair for Research, Professor (Tenure Track)

Roseanne Clark, Ph.D.

Professor (Tenure Track); Co-Director of the Infant, Early Childhood, & Family Mental Health Capstone Certificate Program

Erin Costanzo, Ph.D.

Professor (CHS Track)

Melissa Gannage, M.D.

Associate Professor (Clinical Track)

Steven Garlow, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor (CHS Track)

Robert Golden, M.D.

Dean of School of Medicine and Public Health, Professor (Tenure Track)

Rick Hafer, Ph.D.

Vice Chair of Patient Care, Professor (Clinical Track)

Ryan Herringa, M.D., Ph.D.

Director of the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Associate Professor (Tenure Track)

Erri Hewitt, Ph.D.

Vice Chair of Equity and Anti-Racism; Assistant Professor (Clinical Track)

Katrina Hickle-Koclanes, M.D.

Associate Residency Training Director

Jason Horowitz, Ph.D.

Psychology Internship Child Track Director; Child and Adolescent Psychologist; Assistant Professor (Clinical Track)

Heather Huang, M.D.

Associate Professor (Clinical Track)

Stuart Jones, M.D.

Associate Residency Training Director; Associate Professor (Clinical Track)

Marc Kalin, D.O.

Assistant Professor (Clinical Track)

Ned H. Kalin, M.D.

Hedberg Professor and Chair

Eun Ha Kim, M.D.

Assistant Professor (Clinical Track)

Michael Koenigs, Ph.D.

Professor (Tenure Track)

Gregory Kolden, Ph.D.

Director of Psychology Training; Professor (CHS Track)

Travis Kruger, M.D.

Assistant Professor (Clinical Track)

Brooke Kwiecinski, M.D.

CAP Fellowship Program Director, Associate Professor (Clinical Track)

Charlotte Ladd, M.D., Ph.D.

WisPIC Medical Director, Professor (Clinical Track)

Janet Lainhart, M.D.

Professor (Tenure Track)

Sarah Maudlin, M.D.

Assistant Professor (Clinical Track)

Jack B. Nitschke, Ph.D.

Psychologist, Associate Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry (Tenure Track)

Jeremy Peacock, M.D.

Professor (Clinical Track)

Michael Peterson, M.D., Ph.D.

Residency Training Director, Director of Hospital Psychiatric Services, Professor (CHS Track)

Brad Postle, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry (Tenure Track)

Nancy Raymond, M.D.

Professor (Tenure Track)

Claudia Reardon, M.D.

Professor (CHS Track)

Kyle Rodenbach, MD

Assistant Professor (Clinical Track)

Melissa Rosenkranz, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry (Tenure Track), Distinguished Chair in Contemplative Neuroscience at the Center for Healthy Minds

Meredith Rumble, Ph.D.

Psychology Internship Adult Track Director; Associate Professor (CHS Track)

Katherine Schaumberg, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor (Tenure Track)

Anupriya Schnapp, M.D.

Assistant Professor (Clinical Track)

Marcia Slattery, M.D., MHS

Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics (CHS Track)

Stephanie Steinman, Ph.D., CSAC

Clinical Psychologist, Assistant Professor of Psychology & Psychiatry (Clinical Track)

Zachary Stowe, M.D.

Director of the Women’s Mental Health Program; Professor (Tenure Track)

William Taft, M.D.

Associate Professor (Clinical Track)

Ketty Thertus, M.D.

Assistant Professor (Clinical Track)

Giulio Tononi, M.D, Ph.D.

Director of the Wisconsin Institute for Sleep and Consciousness, Professor (Tenure Track)

Art Walaszek, M.D.

Vice Chair for Education and Faculty Development; Professor (CHS Track)