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University of Wisconsin Psychiatry Residency

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Psychiatry Residency

New Program Director: In April 2021, we will welcome a new residency director, Michael Peterson. Michael has taught residents for many years on the UW consult, inpatient and ECT services. He has extensive experience in psychiatry education, including leadership roles in medical student education at UW and at the Association for Academic Psychiatry (e.g., he’s Program Chair for the 2021 meeting).

Michael will lead a wonderful team that consists of our Associate Program Directors, Stu Jones, Laurel Bessey and Katrina Hickle-Koclanes, and our Program Administrators, Carrie Schaub and Martha Reck. Together they will help ensure that our residents get the very best education.

After 16 years are residency training director, Art Walaszek will help ensure a smooth transition. He is delighted to continue to work with residents in the Geriatric Psychiatry clinic, as a weekly supervisor, and in scholarly projects involving the mental health care of older adults. He will also remain in the role of  Vice Chair for Education and Faculty Development in the Department of Psychiatry.

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A discussion with our Chair, Ned Kalin, M.D.

Graduate Medical Education Diversity Social Hour for URM Applicants

Welcome from the Residency Director

Mental illness is common, debilitating, even deadly.  And it is treatable.

We can help alleviate suffering by caring for patients with mental illness – and by training Psychiatry residents to become the very best psychiatrists.

Here at the University of Wisconsin we are committed to helping you become an outstanding clinician, teacher, researcher, advocate.  In Madison, you will join a community of life-long learners who provide compassionate and evidence-based care; who teach others to do the same; who expand our knowledge of mental illness; and who fight for a just society that supports people with mental illness.

If you join our residency, you will experience psychiatry in a wide range of inpatient, outpatient and community settings.  You will have a longitudinal, three-year outpatient experience rich in psychotherapy training.  You will have the opportunity to teach others and develop curricula through our Clinical Educator Track.  You will learn how to provide mental health care across the State of Wisconsin through our Public Health Track.  You can be mentored by world-class researchers interested in understanding the neuroscience of mental illness.  And you will live in the city where the Assertive Community Treatment model of caring for people with severe mental illness was created by UW faculty members Len Stein and Mary Ann Test and where the National Alliance on Mental Illness was founded by community members Harriet Shetler and Beverly Young, whose sons had schizophrenia.

Residency is rewarding, but challenging.  We have developed a suite of wellness resources to support you through the good times and bad times, including our Collegial Support Program, Employee Assistance Program, T-groups, Eudaimonia wellness activities, and a mentoring program.  The pandemic has been a huge test of our resilience, and together we are going to get through it.

Finally, we are committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse set of residents, to training all our residents to care for an increasingly diverse U.S. population, and to fighting racism.

I invite you to explore our website, and learn more about what four years (and perhaps more) in Madison might look like.



We believe that a psychiatry residency should be a rigorous but humane environment in which one can develop into a highly skilled psychiatrist. We will help you master the clinical skills and knowledge base necessary to practice successfully. We emphasize collegiality, communication and responsibility so that you can develop an identity as a professional and as a leader. We strive to be mindful of your need to balance professional and personal responsibilities and goals.

The mission of the University of Wisconsin Psychiatry Residency is (a) to help residents learn to compassionately and effectively prevent, diagnose, and treat mental illness and their sequelae, and (b) to facilitate residents’ contributions to the field of medicine and to society through scholarship, education, and service.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Art Walaszek, M.D.

Vice Chair for Education and Faculty Development; Residency Training Director (through March 2021); Professor (CHS Track)

Stuart Jones, M.D.

Associate Residency Training Director; Assistant Professor (Clinical Track)

Laurel Bessey, M.D.

Assistant Professor (Clinical Track), Associate Residency Training Director

Katrina Hickle-Koclanes, M.D.

Associate Residency Training Director

Martha Reck, EdD

Education Program Manager

Carrie Schaub, C-TAGME

Residency Program Coordinator

Michael Peterson, M.D., Ph.D.

Residency Training Director (beginning April 2021), Director of Hospital Psychiatric Services, Associate Professor (CHS Track)