Collaborative Care: Addressing Your Mental Health in Your Primary Care Home

Collaborative Care

Learn about the Collaborative Care Model in this video from the American Psychiatric Association.

UW Health offers a new way of treating depression and anxiety called Collaborative Care. This is a team approach located right in your primary care clinic. Your Collaborative Care team will help you get better faster, while allowing you to decide what you work on.

The Collaborative Care team includes:

  • You, the patient
  • Your primary care doctor
  • Behavioral Health Clinician – the Behavioral Health Clinician is an experienced provider who will work closely with you to help you feel better
  • Team psychiatrist – A team psychiatrist helps your Behavioral Health Clinician and primary care doctor, to make sure your symptoms are improving

Collaborative Care is for patients who are 18 years or older and have noticed problems with feeling sad or down, or stressed or anxious. It is not for patients currently seeing a psychiatrist or therapist.

If you have a UW Health primary care doctor and you are interested in Collaborative Care, please contact your UW primary care clinic.