The faculty of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison affirm the following mission statement for the Department, including its enterprise for clinical care, research, and training.


To perform basic and clinical research relevant to the understanding and development of new treatments for patients with mental illness. Research programs will build on existing strengths in psychosocial and clinical research as well as develop new areas of focus such as developmental psychobiology and functional brain imaging.


To train medical students in the clinical concepts and interpersonal skills necessary to facilitate effective doctor-patient interactions. To teach them to recognize, diagnose, and treat patients suffering with mental illness across a variety of health care settings.


To train a new generation of psychiatrists through the residency program, which will serve the people of the State of Wisconsin, and train physician-scholars, who will have the potential to become leaders in academic and clinical psychiatry and integrate scientific developments with clinical care models.


To provide excellent clinical care to a broad range of patients. To serve as a special resource to patients and other health care providers in the areas of affective and anxiety disorders. Clinical care provided by the Department will complement other health care services throughout the Medical Center and the community.

one-on-one counseling