Erin Costanzo, Ph.D.

Position title: Professor (CHS Track)

Cancer Psychology Clinic
UW Carbone Cancer Center
600 Highland Ave.

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Dr. Erin S. Costanzo is a clinical health psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. She also holds a faculty appointment at the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center (UWCCC) and is a member of the National Cancer Institute Network on BioBehavioral Pathways in Cancer. She received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Iowa in 2006 and completed clinical and postdoctoral research training at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2009. Dr. Costanzo has served on the executive board and in other leadership positions for professional organizations including the American Psychosomatic Society and PsychoNeuroImmunology Research Society, and she currently serves on the UW Institute for Clinical and Translational Research Data Safety Monitoring Board.

Dr. Costanzo’s research investigates the contributions of psychological and behavioral factors to the health and well-being of cancer patients and biobehavioral pathways underlying these relationships, with the translational goal of developing targeted behavioral interventions for individuals with cancer. Her laboratory is working to translate findings into behavioral interventions to improve the health and quality of life of individuals affected by cancer. Dr. Costanzo’s work is supported by the National Cancer Institute, the UW Carbone Cancer Center, and the Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, and she is a recipient of the Vilas Life Cycle Award. Dr. Costanzo also provides clinical care to cancer patients and their families at the UWCCC with special interests in coping and adjustment to illness, cancer survivorship, and integrative approaches to managing treatment side effects. She also serves at the primary clinical psychologist for the UW stem cell transplant recipients at the UWCCC. Dr. Costanzo is involved in training psychology interns and psychiatry residents in health psychology, clinical research, and psychotherapy.


  • Health Psychology
  • Psycho-Oncology
  • Behavioral Management of fatigue, insomnia, and pain


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