Child/Adolescent Providers

Child/Adolescent Providers

Joshua Boguch, M.D.

Assistant Professor (Clinical Track)

Roseanne Clark, Ph.D.

Professor (Tenure Track); Co-Director of the Infant, Early Childhood, & Family Mental Health Capstone Certificate Program

Gina Forte, D.O.

Assistant Professor (Clinical Track)

Ryan Herringa, M.D., Ph.D.

Director of the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Associate Professor (Tenure Track)

Erri Hewitt, Ph.D.

Vice Chair of Equity and Anti-Racism; Assistant Professor (Clinical Track)

Jason Horowitz, Ph.D.

Psychology Internship Child Track Director; Child and Adolescent Psychologist; Assistant Professor (Clinical Track)

Brooke Kwiecinski, M.D.

CAP Fellowship Program Director, Associate Professor (Clinical Track)

Janet Lainhart, M.D.

Professor (Tenure Track)

Aisha Rosh, Ph.D., NCSP

Clinical Psychologist

Katherine Schaumberg, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor (Tenure Track)

Anupriya Schnapp, M.D.

Assistant Professor (Clinical Track)

Marcia Slattery, M.D., MHS

Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics (CHS Track)

Stephanie Steinman, Ph.D., CSAC

Clinical Psychologist, Assistant Professor of Psychology & Psychiatry (Clinical Track)

William Taft, M.D.

Associate Professor (Clinical Track)

Jenny Tumba, MD 

CAPII Fellow, Chief Fellow