Child/Adolescent Providers

Child/Adolescent Providers

Joshua Boguch, M.D.

Position title: Assistant Professor (Clinical Track)

Roseanne Clark, Ph.D.

Position title: Professor (Tenure Track); Co-Director of the Infant, Early Childhood, & Family Mental Health Capstone Certificate Program

Gina Forte, D.O.

Position title: Assistant Professor (Clinical Track)

Laura German, MD

Position title: CAPII Fellow

Ryan Herringa, M.D., Ph.D.

Position title: Director of the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Associate Professor (Tenure Track)

Erri Hewitt, Ph.D.

Position title: Vice Chair of Equity and Anti-Racism; Assistant Professor (Clinical Track)

Jason Horowitz, Ph.D.

Position title: Co-Director of Psychology Training; Psychology Internship Child Track Director; Child and Adolescent Psychologist; Assistant Professor (Clinical Track)

Brooke Kwiecinski, M.D.

Position title: CAP Fellowship Program Director, Associate Professor (Clinical Track)

Janet Lainhart, M.D.

Position title: Professor (Tenure Track)

Luke Nankee, M.D.

Position title: Clinical Assistant Professor (Clinician-Teacher Track)

Sam Partington, MD

Position title: CAPI Fellow

Shiri Raphaely, MD 

Position title: CAPII Fellow

Aisha Rosh, Ph.D., NCSP

Position title: Clinical Psychologist

Katherine Schaumberg, Ph.D.

Position title: Assistant Professor (Tenure Track)

Anupriya Schnapp, M.D.

Position title: Assistant Professor (Clinical Track)

Marcia Slattery, M.D., MHS

Position title: Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics (CHS Track)

Stephanie Steinman, Ph.D., CSAC

Position title: Clinical Psychologist, Assistant Professor of Psychology & Psychiatry (Clinical Track)

William Taft, M.D.

Position title: Associate Professor (Clinical Track)

Jenny Tumba, MD 

Position title: CAPII Fellow, Chief Fellow