Current Interns and Alumni

Current Clinical Psychology Interns

Abigail Barthel

Position title: Adult Track Psychology Intern

Abigail (Abby) Barthel (she/her) is an Adult Track intern and doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology at Boston University. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Abby’s research leverages ecological momentary assessment and basic attentional paradigms to examine psychological (in)flexibility and its relation to psychosocial wellbeing. She is passionate about treating anxiety, mood, and trauma-related disorders, and was drawn to UW Madison for its breadth of training across the lifespan and unique elective opportunities.

Audrey Ford

Position title: Child Track Psychology Intern

Audrey Ford (she/her) is a Child Track intern and a doctoral candidate in Child, Family, and School Psychology at the University of Denver. Her clinical work has focused on treating school-age children and adolescents with a wide range of presenting concerns including anxiety, mood dysregulation, and challenging behaviors with special interest in internalizing disorders (e.g., anxiety, depression). She has a background in school psychology, and she sees the power of collaboration between the adults in children’s lives (e.g., caregivers, teachers, therapists, etc.). Her dissertation research focuses on empowering local school districts with data in order to reduce and prevent disproportionality in special education. Audrey is excited to continue to serve children and adolescents through the breadth of training settings at UW-Madison!

Bethany Leraas

Position title: Pediatric Track Psychology Intern

Bethany Leraas (she/her) is a Pediatric Psychology Track intern and a doctoral candidate in the clinical psychology program at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL. She completed her undergraduate degree in psychology and neuroscience at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN. Her clinical and research interests center on reducing pediatric health disparities and improving access to mental and behavioral health services for youth through the integration of psychology in medical settings.

Thu "Mimi" Nguyen

Position title: Pediatric Track Psychology Intern

Mimi Nguyen (she/her) is a Pediatric Psychology Track intern and a doctoral candidate at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. She enjoys working with children and adolescents in multidisciplinary settings and she is particularly passionate about increasing accessibility to healthcare for the underserved population. Her research interest focuses on adapting parent training approaches to enhance their efficacy and acceptability. She also has special clinical and research interests in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and her dissertation examines the potential benefits of combining the strengths of ACT and parent training approaches.

Matthew Schneider

Position title: Adult Track Psychology Intern

Matt Schneider (he/him) is an Adult Track intern and a doctoral candidate in the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program at the Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL. He completed his undergraduate education, majoring in psychology, at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI. Matt is particularly interested in helping those experiencing sleep difficulties or suicidal thoughts, as well as working with the LGBTQ community. His research has examined the role of nightmares upon one’s suicide risk, as well as examining the impact of mental health stigma on help-seeking. He is excited to further developing his expertise in treating a broad spectrum of mental health difficulties during his internship year at WisPIC.

Binoy Shah

Position title: Adult Track Psychology Intern

Binoy Shah (he/him) is an Adult Track intern and currently a doctoral candidate in the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, IL. He completed his Master’s degree in Psychology from Columbia University in New York, NY. Binoy’s clinical training has focused on evidenced-based, culturally responsive, and interdisciplinary psychological services for adults with a diverse range of presenting concerns. In line with his passion about equity in mental health, his research focuses on the relationship between mental health stigma and care-seeking with emphasis on minority groups. Binoy is looking forward to honing expertise in adult mood and anxiety related disorders, and is thrilled to extend his training at UW Madison.

Madison Weist

Position title: Child Track Psychology Intern

Madison Weist (she/her) is a Child Track intern and a doctoral candidate in school psychology at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Her research interests focus on how to promote school belonging for all children and adolescents by creating supportive environments that recognize and celebrate students’ complex and intersectional identities. She was drawn to WisPIC’s pre-doctoral internship for the opportunity to collaborate across systems, experience a variety of settings, and work with interdisciplinary teams in order to promote the mental health and wellbeing of children and families in the Madison area.


Our interns are successful in finding a good fit for their next step in their career.  The majority of our graduates complete a post-doctoral fellowship in academic university/department or health center settings after internship, although we invite and support the career path that feels like a best fit for you.  Please see the table below for information on our graduates’ initial post-internship positions over approximately the last 3 years.

Initial Post-Internship Positions

(Provide an Aggregated Tally for the Preceding 3 Cohorts)

2019 – 2021
Total number of interns who were in the 3 cohorts


Total number of interns who did not seek employment because they returned to their doctoral program/are completing doctoral degree


Academic teaching


0 0
Community mental health center


0 0


0 0
University Counseling Center


0 0
Hospital/Medical Center


7 0
Veterans Affairs Health Care System


1 0
Psychiatric facility


0 0
Correctional facility


0 0
Health maintenance organization


0 0
School district/system


1 0
Independent practice setting


2 0
Other: Academic university/department


8 0
Other: Federally qualified health center


0 0

Note: “PD” = Post-doctoral residency position; “EP” = Employed Position. Each individual represented in this table should be counted only one time. For former trainees working in more than one setting, select the setting that represents their primary position.