Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship Faculty

Steven Barczi, MD

Phone: geriatric medicine, sleep, telemedicine

Lisa Boyle, MD, MPH, DFAAGP

Phone: Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship Program Director

Cindy Carlsson, MD

Phone: Memory care and dementia research

Kathryn Chen, M.D.

Phone: geriatric psychiatry inpatient and consults

Melissa Dattalo, MD, MPH

Phone: geriatric assessment, home‐based primary care

Alexis Eastman, MD

Phone: long‐term care/nursing home

Carey Gleason, PhD

Phone: memory care, neuropsychology

Timothy Juergens, MD

Phone: geriatric psychiatry, addiction, sleep

Brian Lewis, MD

Phone: cognitive care, home‐based primary care

Rebecca Radue, M.D.

Phone: outpatient geriatric psychiatry, addiction, virtual geriatrics

Matt Sager, MD

Phone: state hospital inpatient geriatric psychiatry

Vonnie Sisauyhoat, PhD

Phone: geriatric psychologist, home‐based primary care

Jen Tepp, RN

Phone: geriatric psychiatry nurse care manager

Jillian Walls, LCSW

Phone: psychotherapy

Katherine Wang, MD

Phone: geriatric and palliative care medicine, home‐based primary care

Ellen Wanninger, MSW

Phone: dementia care coordination