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Stress and Anxiety Management Resources for Healthcare Providers in the Age of COVID-19

Support for Health Care Providers

This page provides a list of resources for healthcare providers, many of whom are on the front-lines of the COVID-19 crisis and working tirelessly to provide critical support to patients and families in our community. The list below includes apps, websites, videos, articles, and helplines available to support the well being of healthcare providers who are facing additional stress in their professional and personal lives as a result of this pandemic.

Note: if you are a healthcare provider with an additional resource that you’ve found helpful and would like to see on this list, please send your suggestions to


  • Insight Timer (free)
    Guided meditation app with a variety of mindfulness and meditation practices targeting anxiety, insomnia, etc.
  • CBT-i Coach (free)
    VA resource with CBT-i strategies, free guided relaxation activities, and sleep logs to help keep your sleep on track
  • Headspace (free for providers for the rest of the year with verification by NPI; otherwise 2 week free trial for non providers)
    Sets of guided meditations aimed at tackling problems related to anxiety, sleeplessness, and relationships
  • Happify (free options, can pay for additional features)
    – Science-based activities and games to overcome worries and stress.
    – Techniques were developed by experts who study evidence-based interventions in the fields of positive psychology, mindfulness, and CBT
  • Calm (free options, can pay for additional features)
    Variety of meditation exercises and relaxing soundtracks organized by topic (e.g. stress, anxiety, sleep, focus, etc.)
  • Ten Percent Happier (free options, can pay for additional features)
    – Large selection of guided meditations and mindfulness practices.
    – Great for beginners as well as those already well-versed in mindfulness
  • Woebot (free)
    Personalized web-robot who delivers CBT skills to foster insight into unhelpful thoughts and behaviors and reduce stress
  • Sanvello (free premium during COVID-19 crisis; additional features available with qualifying insurance)
    Clinically-validated evidence-based mobile application for anxiety, stress and depression; based on CBT, currently used by over 3 million people
  • Stop, Breathe & Think (free options, can pay for additional features; free kids version)
    – Guided meditation and mindfulness
    – Includes theme “Calm Coronavirus Anxiety”
    – Option to check in with your emotions and pick exercises based on how you feel
    – 2017 People’s choice award for best health app
  • Wysa: Mental Health Support (free options, 20% off subscription cost right now)
    – Research-backed app that utilizes CBT, DBT, yoga, and mindfulness to support people with mental health and wellness needs
    – Access to a real mental health professional who coaches you through new skills and coping behaviors (with subscription)
  • Recovery Path (free)
    – Personalized evidence-based prevention and intervention strategies for people struggling with or recovering from substance or alcohol addiction
    – Incorporates aspects of Motivational Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Community Reinforcement to boost your treatment and recovery plan.

Websites and Videos

  • App Guide
    – Online directory for psychological/stress-management apps
    – Users can search by condition, modality (e.g. CBT)
  • Anxiety and COVID-19
    – Video created by Montefiore geared towards Health Care Professionals and adults about anxiety during COVID-19 and how to manage it
    – Provides psychoeducation on anxiety and teaches DBT concepts and skills
  • DBT Crisis Survival Skills
    Youtube playlist of 3 videos from Shireen Rizvi
  • This Way Up
    Empirically-supported web-based program targeted towards teens and adults that provides CBT skills for depression and anxiety
  • Resources for Wellness, Resilience, Coping, and Support during COVID-19
    Pamphlet on coping with the stress of COVID-19 as a healthcare provider
  • Wellbeing
    Well-being resource library for healthcare providers. Includes printable posters for promoting and clarifying self-care & well-being for posting around workplaces
  • Mindfulness Breathing Exercise
    – 7 minute guided mindfulness breathing practice targeting present focused awareness
    – Video by Dr. Lily Brown, director of the Center for Treatment and Study of Anxiety at the University of Pennsylvania