James R. Lehman, MD, MPH

Dr. James Lehman received his undergraduate degree from UW-Madison with emphasis in Neurobiology. He then completed medical school and earned his Master of Public Health (MPH) at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. As a student, he was part of the program Training in Urban Medicine and Public Health (TRIUMPH) in Milwaukee, demonstrating his commitment to the underserved, to population health, and to health equity. He is an advocate for better LGBTQ+ health care on local and national levels. Dr. Lehman is a senior editor for the textbook The Equal Curriculum: The Student and Educator Guide to LGBTQ Health. He has additional academic interests in program development and assessment, systems change, and population health approaches.

His clinical interests include general adult psychiatry, community psychiatry, healthy sexuality, schizophrenia, mood disorders, LGBTQ+ mental health, and psychotherapy. He also enjoys working with adults with physical and mental disabilities, musicians and artists, people with movement disorders, and people with headache disorders.