Research Labs and Studies

Research Labs

Heather Abercrombie Lab

The affective neuroendocrinology laboratory located at the University of Wisconsin-Madison incorporates methods from psychoneuroendocrinology, neuroimaging, and electrophysiology to study the biology of stress, emotion, cognition, and affective disorders.

Lab for Affective Neuroscience (Richie Davidson, PhD)

The Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience, at UW-Madison is engaged in a broad program of research on the brain mechanisms that underlie emotion and emotion regulation in normal individuals throughout the life course, and in individuals with various psychiatric disorders.

Life Stress and Human Development Lab, Marilyn Essex, PhD

Directed by Dr. Marilyn J. Essex, the Life Stress and Human Development Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is focused on the identification of social, psychological, and biological risk factors for child and adolescent mental health problems and, most importantly, understanding how these risk factors work together over time.

Sleep Consciousness Lab (Guilio Tononi, MD PhD,  Chiara Cirelli MD, PhD)

The labs of doctors Guilio Tononi and Chiara Cirelli focus on two neurobiological problems – the mechanisms and functions of sleep and the neural substrates of consciousness. Both problems have considerable medical implications, especially for psychiatric disorders such as depression and schizophrenia.

Nitschke Lab

The research focus of the laboratory of Dr. Jack Nitschke is on the neuroscience of human emotion and affective disorders. One of its primary research goals is to determine the neurobiological substrates of heterogeneity in anxiety and depression.

Wisconsin Twin Research

The Wisconsin Twin Research laboratories, directed by Dr. Hill Goldsmith, investigate genetic and environmental features of emotional development from infancy to adolescence. The laboratories investigate genetic and environmental features of emotional development from infancy to adolescence.

Child Emotion Research Laboratory (Seth Pollack, PhD)

Research projects in the lab of Dr. Seth Pollack are focused upon children's emotional development and the relationship between early emotional experience and child psychopathology.

Laboratory (Bradley Postle, PhD)

The research interest of Dr. Bradley Postle is in human memory and cognition, and encompasses the cognitive and neural bases of working memory, attention, control, intelligence, and nondeclarative memory.