Research and Clinical Care - a Winning Partnership

At the University of Wisconsin Department of Psychiatry we maintain a vigorous research agenda. Sleep, affect, stress, anxiety, schizophrenia and consciousness are particular research strengths of this department, but you can find talented researchers working in a wide range of areas.

Our research efforts are unique for many reasons. In particular, basic science is an integral part of our research agenda, which is unique for a clinical department. Further, we cultivate an environment that promotes interactions between basic scientists who explore brain neurobiology and clinicians who treat patients suffering from a range of mental and emotional conditions. This translational commitment is strongly shared and supported throughout our Academic Health Center (see UW Institute for Clinical and Translational Research).

Multi-disciplinary collaboration is valued here as well. Innovative research partnerships include the HealthEmotions Research Institute and the Wisconsin Symposium on Emotion, both internationally known for establishing the neurobiology of emotion and its impact on mental health. There's also Wisconsin Sleep and the Center for Sleep and Consciousness.

Our faculty, trainees, and staff are all here to solve health problems and make people feel better, whether that means a better night's sleep, recovery from depression, or coping with schizophrenia. Research fuels our ability to improve mental and physical health. In these pages you'll find much more about the exciting research taking place at the UW Department of Psychiatry.