Why Join Our Residency?

Our residents put together this Top 25 list of highlights within the residency and within Madison:

  1. A slew of colleagues – faculty, residents, medical students, social workers, nurses – who share a genuine enthusiasm for psychiatry and love for the work we do.
  2. Madison is quite possibly the greatest city in the world – ask anyone why!
  3. Caring environment and great support system for residents, which includes other residents, faculty and staff.
  4. You’ll be surrounded by approachable, kind, well-balanced and exceedingly intelligent faculty at every corner.
  5. Everyone involved in the program makes an effort to get to know each resident, and goals and support are custom-tailored to fit each resident’s needs.
  6. Collegiality!
  7. Madison is a progressive, affordable and beautiful town with tons of culture and outdoor opportunities.
  8. The Program Coordinator, is accessible and truly interested in interacting with residents.
  9. You will work with nationally regarded faculty who are leaders in their field and are available and willing to teach and mentor residents.
  10. There is a “work hard, play hard” attitude that ensures high quality education and balance.
  11. Residents get close supervision balanced with encouraging autonomy and working independently.
  12. The other residents are like family.
  13. Wisconsin is a treasure to explore. If you like to hike, bike, kayak, bird watch, fish, or more, this is a fantastic place – and you will have friends to join you.
  14. There have been many exciting new educational initiatives started within the last few years, e.g., Research Track, Community Psychiatry Track and Clinical Educator Track.
  15. Faculty and residents have diverse backgrounds and interests, including an interest in resident education.
  16. The residents are smart, non-competitive, supportive and fun.
  17. Madison is an easy town to live and work in. Despite its size, Madison has an abundance of both cultural activities and entertainment options.
  18. The faculty and residents engage in innovative research that pushes the edges of existing knowledge.
  19. The program offers a broad range of settings in which to learn and practice psychiatry.
  20. Three years of continuity with outpatients allows residents to see outpatient treatment work, and to work through challenges in the outpatient setting.
  21. The Dane County Farmers’ Market!
  22. Nearly 30 unique electives, such as the Eating Disorders Clinic, Medical Student Teaching Electives, Psycho-Oncology, and many more.
  23. Excellent benefits, wonderful health insurance, world-class facilities.
  24. Great breakfasts: morning buns from Lazy Jane Cafe, farmer’s biscuit at Ingrid’s, donut muffins at Marigold Kitchen.
  25. You will without a doubt feel confident in your ability to practice psychiatry upon completion of the program.