Clinical Educator Track

The goal of the Clinical Educator Track is to prepare residents to take on academic and educational leadership roles. We aim to give residents access to both the theoretical knowledge and the practical training necessary to be leaders in the field of academic medicine. The track is specifically designed for residents who intend to pursue clinician educator and/or academic administrative careers after graduation.

Residents apply for the Clinical Educator Track at the beginning of the PGY2 year. Selected residents work with a faculty mentor to develop an educational project designed for medical students or residents. Projects are scholarly - that is, they are set up to generate or test hypotheses regarding effective educational interventions. Each resident graduating from the track will have completed a project and will have presented a poster or participated in a workshop at a national conference or will have submitted a paper for publication. Residents in the track may set aside elective time in the PGY4 year for their educational projects, and are eligible to receive travel funds for presentations at academic meetings.

Members of the Clinical Educator Track

  • Justin Gerstner, PGY4 and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow, is working on developing pilot curricula to be video recorded and available to residents at all times (specifically on an as needed basis when on call or on consults).
  • Kim Hoenecke, PGY3, is developing curriculum that will focus on non-pharmacologic methods of reducing anxiety and depression symptoms. The content will seek to improve residents’ knowledge of available options along with the evidence-based studies supporting such. The goal is to foster a more holistic approach with patients.
  • Priscilla Park, PGY3, is working on reviewing current procedures for assessing third year medical students on the psychiatry clerkship with a goal of identifying earlier interventions to help learners better meet the course objectives.
  • Katie Steingraeber, PGY3, is developing a Child and Adolescent psychiatry curriculum that will assist UWHC Pediatric Residents in assessing and managing depression, anxiety, and ADHD in their pediatric patients.
  • Laurel Bessey, PGY2 is interested in developing educational tools to help clinicians assess and manage the behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia.
  • Shuchi Kapoor, PGY2 wants to improve our skills in caring for the mental health needs of people of South Asian descent.
  • Maurizio Pugliese, PGY2 wants to help interpreters learn about mental health issues and to help us learn how to work more effectively with interpreters, in particular Spanish language interpreters.
  • Rebecca Radue, PGY2 is developing a case-based module to teach primary care doctors about late-life depression.