Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship

We offer a one-year clinical fellowship in Addiction Psychiatry. This is a unique opportunity for fellows to develop clinical skills in working with those suffering from substance use disorders and comorbid medical and psychiatric conditions. The primary sites are the Madison VA and NewStart, a community-based inpatient/outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program. Fellows also rotate at Tellurian (acute detoxification), ARC (women with substance use disorders), Connections Counseling (young adults), and Jesse Brown VA in Chicago (methadone clinic).

The fellowship is open to 1-2 qualified candidates per year. Candidates must have completed an ACGME-certified psychiatry residency prior to entering the fellowship. For more information, please contact the Director of the Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship, .

For fellows interested in research: We have worked together with other researchers on campus to create a combined clinical and a research fellowship, each component of which is distributed over two years.