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Expectant Brains and Anxiety

Jack Nitschke, PhD

A network of emotion-regulating brain regions implicated in the pathological worry that can grip patients with anxiety disorders may also be useful for predicting the benefits of treatment.

Project to Build a Cognitive Computer

Giulio Tononi, MD, PhD

University of Wisconsin-Madison research psychiatrist Giulio Tononi, who was recently selected to take part in the creation of a "cognitive computer," says the goal of building a computer as quick and flexible as a small mammalian brain is more daunting than it sounds.

Sleep and Memories

Chiara Cirelli, MD, PhD

New research from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health supports the idea that sleep plays a critical role in the brain's ability to change in response to its environment. This ability, called plasticity, is at the heart of learning.

Causes of Early Puberty

Marilyn Essex, PhD

The average start of menstruation in girls has dropped from 16 to 12 years over the last century. Diet is thought to play a factor in this change, but new research from the University of Wisconsin shows that stressful homes can provoke a survival response in girls, triggering puberty.

Siblings’ Depression Risk

Marilyn Essex, PhD

Those who have a brother or sister with a mental illness or a low IQ can be influenced by their illness, according to a new study, possibly putting them at higher risk for bouts of depression and other challenges during their lives. Siblings of those with mental illness may be at greater risk for depression.