Schedule, Cost, Requirements

Start Dates:

Groups typically start the first week of February, first week of June and end of September or Early October.


All groups will be held at Wisconsin Psychiatric Institute and Clinics at 6001 Research Park Blvd, Madison. We will meet in the “Commons Room”. Please check in 10-15 minutes ahead of time at the front desk.


Groups will be closed with a maximum of 10 participants in each group. They are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.


Participants will be expected to commit to 8 of 10 classes for the depression group and 10 of 12 classes for the anxiety group. Participants will be asked to do homework 6 of 7 days per week with a goal of 45-60 min per day. Home work consists of mindfulness exercises which are guided with either CD’s or MP3 files.


Please contact your insurance carrier regarding any questions on your coverage. Insurance may cover this as group therapy depending on the policy and prior authorization requirements. For this purpose, there is a billing code of 90792 for the initial assessment with Dr. Kane or Dr. Jones and the billing code for the group visits is 90853. If this is completely out-of-pocket for you, you may check with the group leader. There will be a $50 - $75 cost for materials that is out-of-pocket.


For either information or to set up an appointment to become part of the group, contact Megan Kasdorf at 608/263-6090 or

Who Might Benefit:

Research shows patients who have had three or more major depressive episodes who are in remission will benefit. There is some preliminary research to suggest it to be helpful for patients with depression with partial responses to treatment and treatment resistant depression. In my clinical experience I have found it to be helpful chronic stress induced depression, dysthymia, and people who suffer with low self-esteem or high self criticism. It has been shown to be helpful for people with fibromyalgia and depression. People with active depression can benefit if there is not a continuous state of depression that impairs the ability to have modest levels of concentration, function and periodic breaks from the negative mind states.

People with generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, adjustment disorders with anxiety, anxiety related to life stresses.


Those who have active severe symptoms of depression such as impaired thinking, constant negative rumination, psychotic thoughts or hallucinations, high risk of self harm or such severe motivational problems that they will be unable to do homework assignments. People with a history of severe post traumatic stress disorder who have flooding, dissociation or psychosis when they are exposed to relaxation or lack of structure for short periods of time. These people may benefit from mindfulness under the careful instruction of their therapist but are likely inappropriate for this group. Severe agoraphobia where the person is likely to miss more than two classes.


Each person will have an individual interview to review their diagnosis, suitability, and timing in their life. We are asking people for a major life commitment for 10-12 weeks. This class is about the possibility of change in the context of acceptance. This will only happen with regular effort and practice. We are willing to modify the homework assignments on an individual basis. We will need to discuss whether this level of commitment makes sense at this time in their lives. If the patient needs medication management or safety management they must have another mental health provider other than the group leader to manage their medications and any acute safety issues. Participants are asked not to come to class intoxicated and would be asked to leave if under the influence of nonprescription drugs or alcohol.

What to wear:

Please wear loose fitting or clothes appropriate for sitting cross legged, lying on the floor and doing gentle mindful yoga. If you have your own yoga mat or meditation cushions which you prefer, you may bring them to use. We will have these available for participants as well.