Lane Neuroimaging Laboratory


Clinicians and researchers will now have unprecedented access to state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging technology in the new Hedberg HealthEmotions Research Building in Madison. A GE 3.0T MRI machine provides enhanced capacity to scan people's brains in order to research the impact of stress and other emotional states on brain function. Learning how the brain relates to the body's physiology will help us better understand how to promote mental and physical resilience. This is Madison's fourth 3T MRI ( the T is for Tesla, a measurement of magnetic power, and refers to a higher level of strength with greater ability to detect the activation of brain structures). This MRI is compatible with the MRI at the Waisman Center's Brain Imaging Lab, and the two facilities will share data, scheduling, and staffing as appropriate. For more information or to start a study go to the Lane Neuroimaging Laboratory website