Clinical Facilities

Department of Psychiatry clinicians at the University of Wisconsin-Madison treat patients in a range of outstanding facilities that meet the needs of the broadest spectrum of the patient population in Madison and the surrounding Dane County area.

Wisconsin Psychiatric Institute and Clinics

Outpatient care that combines the Department's research and clinical missions is centered in the Wisconsin Psychiatric Institute and Clinics (WisPIC), a free-standing UW clinic approximately five miles from UW Hospital. The clinical programs at the Wisconsin Psychiatric Institute and Clinics serve adults with mild to severe psychiatric disorders. Patient intakes are assessed for the nature and severity of illness and are then assigned to a provider based on this assessment. Patients' clinical needs are met in a traditional, office-based model. Individual and group psychiatric, psychological, and psychosocial assessments and a broad range of treatments and treatment modalities are offered at this site. Clinical services may be provided either by supervised medical residents and psychology interns, psychiatrists, or psychologists. The clinic sees about 5,000-6,000 patients per year and logs about 25,000 patient visits. New adult patients are asked to fill out the new patient history form and bring it to their first appointment. Specialty services in the following areas are offered in the adult clinical operations:

  • Couples and Family Therapy
  • Anxiety Disorders Center
  • Brief Therapy Clinic
  • Depression Treatment Program

Group therapy opportunities currently include:

  • Interpersonal Women's Group
  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy Group
  • Social Phobia Group
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder

Wisconsin Psychiatric Institute and Clinics: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic

The Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic offers a comprehensive array of diagnostic and treatment services for youth ages birth through 18 years of age and their families. Individualized treatment recommendations are developed for each child based upon results of the diagnostic assessment and needs of the child/family. Available treatment modalities include several types of individual, group, and family psychotherapies; pharmacotherapy; and educational programs. Specialty services include:

  • Child and Adolescent Anxiety Disorders Program
  • Parent/Infant and Early Childhood Clinic

University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics

University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics is a 471-bed facility that ranks among the finest academic medical centers in the United States. Frequently cited in publications listing the nation's best health care providers, UW Hospital and Clinics is recognized as a national leader in fields such as cancer treatment, pediatrics, ophthalmology, surgical specialties and organ transplantation. The Department of Psychiatry operates one of the inpatient units (B6/5) at UWHC. The inpatient unit consists of 20 beds and two seclusion rooms all in locked security. It serves adults and occasional adolescents in need of acute psychiatric care, safety, and stabilization. The Department also provides consultation/liaison services throughout the hospital.

William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital

The William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital is an acute care hospital that provides Psychiatric care to veterans statewide. The Middleton Memorial Veteran's Hospital was one of the first of over 70 partnerships between medical schools and VA facilities that were initiated by Dr. Middleton.

This facility is physically and academically linked with the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics and affiliated with the University of Wisconsin. Through this affiliation, it has developed a close working relationship with the Medical School, and has integrated teaching and medical programs in Psychiatry as well as other Medical School departments. The VA Psychiatry inpatient unit consists of a 16 bed locked area with seclusion rooms. It serves adult male and female veterans in need of psychiatric stabilization.

The VA Hospital is also a research site for Department of Psychiatry faculty. The Department's Substance Abuse Research Program, as well as a schizophrenia research program are coordinated there.

Regent Street Clinic

The Regent Street Clinic is located in the heart of Madison, and it is one of five clinical facilities utilized by the Department of Psychiatry to treat patients. The Regent Street location is also one of our locations where pediatric patients are treated by our child and adolescent psychiatry experts and residents in training.

Mental Health Center of Dane County

The nationally recognized Community Psychiatry program affiliated with the Department is centered in the Mental Health Center of Dane County. A comprehensive mental health center serves adults and children in the City of Madison and surrounding Dane County and is the primary community training facility for Department of Psychiatry trainees. The medical director and one other staff member hold full-time faculty appointments with the Department of Psychiatry. A multi-disciplinary approach to the evaluation and treatment of emotional disorders is emphasized, with strong efforts directed at community and preventive mental health programs. An alcoholism and drug abuse treatment program and a day-treatment service (Yahara House) are part of the Community Mental Health Center. A mobile emergency crisis intervention treatment team is available on an extended hours basis.