Education & Training

High quality professional development is central to our mission

Providing future clinicians and researchers with a comprehensive understanding of mental health and a repertoire of evidence-based treatments and interventions is a significant way we help those suffering with mental health issues, today and into the future.

Faculty throughout the UW School of Medicine and Public Health share a strong desire to work with students and trainees as partners. We value individual development and strive to provide diverse, challenging and satisfying professional experiences.

We are proud of the experience our students and trainees receive. UW Madison Psychiatry trainees work along side some of today's best minds in an environment that encourages developing professionals to follow almost any interest imaginable; develop powerful tools; and, forge a strong foundation for a successful and rewarding career.

Our culture is highly collaborative and fosters an environment where people who do very different things work next to and with each other at both the clinical and research level. As a result, many learning opportunities and paths are open to trainees.

We are always interested in welcoming bright, dedicated, developing professionals. Here you'll find information about training opportunities through UW Psychiatry including residency, postdoctoral fellowships, clinical psychology internship and practicum, sleep and other research opportunities. We encourage you to contact any of those programs or faculty members for more information.