The Wisconsin experience is often best summed up by our Department of Psychiatry alumni. We encourage prospective residents and faculty to contact any member of the department or current residents for more information about our program in Madison, Wisconsin.

Portrait of Elizabeth Dawes

Elizabeth Dawes

On Living in Madison

"I matched with Madison, liked the city and its proximity to Chicago, and found the people in Madison to be open minded, thoughtful, and interesting. There are so many advantages there. The cost of living is less; everything is close. I took guitar lessons in the evening and joined Hoofers Sailing Club and learned to sail. There's not a lot of traffic, no smog, no urban blight. I like the four seasons, and the fact that as a young single person it's easy to go out to hear music or get to a poetry slam. It's less stressful than a big city, and the natural beauty of Madison sells itself."

On the Residency Program

"I enjoyed my experience at Wisconsin, and I'm still in touch with lots of residents. The program is a nice size. It's big enough to get to work with others, but small enough to get to know each other. And UW grads don't have any trouble getting work."

On the Four-Year Curriculum

"One of the best parts of the program was that you could start with outpatients in your second year, and follow outpatients for the next three years. In the fourth year, it was completely open to electives. I focused on student health, the women's health clinic, and did readings in psychotherapy."

Portrait of Pieree Tariot

Pieree Tariot

On the Four-Year Curriculum

"It was a flexible program. I was allowed to shape my schedule, to zero in on areas that were of interest to me. The psychotherapy training I received was broad and deep, with excellent supervision. There was a great feeling of support for the trainees."

"I'm a neuropharmacologist, and I thought that the psychopharmacy training and exposure that I had was very good, with excellent case conferences. The humanism I experienced was the humanistic attitude of faculty to students. We were treated as colleagues."

"I had done a residency in internal medicine. Then I came to Madison for a psychiatry residency. I actually had fun! That's the word: I had fun."

On the Residency Program

"Support is the touchstone of my experience at Wisconsin. We worked hard but there was an interest in our professional development and interest in who we are as individuals."