Our Resident Program

We believe that a psychiatry residency should be a rigorous but humane environment in which one can develop into a highly skilled psychiatrist. We will help you master the clinical skills and knowledge base necessary to practice successfully. We emphasize collegiality, communication and responsibility so that you can develop an identity as a professional and as a leader. We strive to be mindful of your need to balance professional and personal responsibilities and goals.

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Ben's Ride - The Story Behind the Ride

When Ben, an avid cyclist, died of suicidal depression in November, 2009, his family and friends immediately wanted to do something in Ben’s name to help others who might be suffering from mental illness. This is their story and the story of Ben's Ride.

Photography and production by Jeremy Ruzich. Copyright 2013, Jeremy Ruzich. All Rights Reserved. Music by Humming House.

Recent Publications

updated February, 2014

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